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Why I Started ElevatedLux

With roughly 10 years of event planning experience combined with organizing family events, school functions, and hangouts with my girlfriends, creating Elevatedlux simply fell into my lap. I loved meticulously designed events, with a focus on catering to all your senses. After attending events that could use a little extra help and seeing how these events were missing that *spark*, ElevatedLux was born. I wanted business owners and brands to focus on what they do best, their product, their services, and their guests. I didn’t want them worrying about when the food would arrive and that the kitchen ran out of plates. I wanted business owners to focus on making those integral connections

These are the connections that have helped me thrive in my career and my business and that I want ElevatedLux to facilitate. Using this platform to celebrate Black women doing amazing things in their lives, businesses, and with their brands. I don’t subscribe to the idea that there can only be room for one at the top spot. I don’t subscribe to a hierarchy of one woman over the next. I want us all to win, and with ElevatedLux I hope to do just that. So join in on this LuxLife, over here we celebrate the wins, embrace teachable moments, and create opportunities all while enjoying a fabulously curated dinner party.

Making Your Event Unforgettable

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Dinner Event Client

ElevatedLux adds a professional wow factor to any event, big or small. From start to finish it is an experience from every detail provided. The marketing aspect is diligently researched and the events are taken care of with the utmost attention.

Launch Event Client

The planning process was seamless and their team did a phenomenal job putting me at ease and ensuring every single detail was perfect. The decor was absolutely breathtaking and I was truly impressed with how seamlessly their team managed the event. Everything was done in a timely manner and the party went smoother than I ever could have hoped for. To this day I have friends and family who talk about how amazing my event was. I cannot recommend them enough!

Virtual Event Client

Alexandra is an amazing host and planner for all virtual or in-person events. Her interview questions are always on point and she knows how to grab the audience’s attention. Her ability to smoothly host an event while also making it engaging is unmatched.
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