Amplifying Experiences. Illuminating Brands.

Leave a lasting mark on your attendees and their community.

ABOUT ELEVATED LUXCurating Immersive Experiences

ElevatedLux curates striking experiential marketing opportunities for entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, educators, and brands large or small. Our unique planning process consists of extensive cultural research, demographic studies, and collaborating with local, affordable, and mainly minority owned resources to make sure that your event leaves a lasting mark on your attendees and their community

OUR SERVICESElevate Your Branded Experience

We see all kinds of events from beginning to end such as Branded Private Events, Corporate Conferences, Social Meet Ups, and Business Meetings.

Vendor Procurement

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Location Scouting

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Vibe Management

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UPCOMING CALENDARBranded Experiences. Amplified Connections.

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Bauce Haus

A tailor made experience with luxury, a choice of uniquely curated panels, & a safe space for networking free of any superficial small talk