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With our passion for creatives of all types we strive to provide a platform to elevate our consumers and create the adequate exposure needed to introduce innovative and cutting-edge brands. Our intentions surpass simple branding, marketing, and event planning. We at ElevatedLux transform the way you launch your brand, build your customer base, and grow your brand awareness. Creatives are everywhere, we will connect you with other creatives like you, or unlike you. Our goal is to artistically revamp the reveal of your latest vision and present it to the world, while connecting you with the right people to highlight its success.

Our Services

Have a product or an idea but cannot figure how to present it? ElevatedLux Brand Management Services will take care of that for you. From video and photo shoot curations, to stylist sessions and press kits, we at ElevatedLux are dedicated to bringing the vision you have for your brand to a renowned platform.
So you’ve got your brand established, but you want to engage with your audience on a more personal level. Cue up ElevatedLux Management Services. With both virtual and in person events, we manage the event process from conception to the birth of your vision. Vendor negotiations, contracts, event set up and break down, day of management, we want you to focus on your brand and/or product while we handle everything else.
Are you tired of saying/hearing “Let’s Work!” or “Let’s shoot sometime!” with no follow through? ElevatedLux Networking Resources partners with an elusive group of creatives that come in all different shapes and sizes. Ever felt like a loner as a creative? We’ve all been there, or else we wouldn’t find creative ways to get through life. When we say “Let’s Work!” we mean that.



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